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Moe Money's Authentic Prop "currency"

Moe's prop money props are produced on high-speed duplicators using a variety of oil based inks for the best possible quality. The color separation produces a realistic looking prop that appears authentic enough for social and entertainment use. No toners or inkjets are used but a negative and plate system that applies ink directly to the paper. Our paper is high-quality paper that allows for sharp lines, realistic color gradients and well lineated portraits.


Moe Money Props has reviewed relevant statutes for the replication of United States notes. The quality paper, oil based inks and high-speed duplicators produce the best possible replication for the most authentic looking product. 


While our quality allows close-up shots and entertainment usage it has safeguards to prevent use of the props for legal tender.


Moe Money Props will send props anywhere as fast as possible in any amount. Tell us what you need and how much and we will get to work right away.


Moe Money Props uses "flat" toned inks and not "glossy" inks. The paper is also different from everyday copier paper. With a better paper and oil based, flat toned inks Moe Money Props produces a product you can use with confidence for entertainment and social media productions.


Color separation with a high definition gradient allows us to achieve minute details giving our prop money a realistic feel and appearance.   


In the event you want money for comical effect, with your portrait or another caricature let us know. Our graphics department will advise you of the format for the graphics and we will begin production as soon as possible.