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Find the answers to our frequently asked questions here.
1. Can I "go shopping" with Moe money prop?
Absolutely not!!! our prop money will never pass as real bank note! Moe Money prop are specially made and designed for content creation and to look good on camera.
any attempt to use prop money as banknote will be extremely illegal! 

2. How real are the props?

It is ILLEGAL to make copies of US currency. Strict laws govern the production of prop money and ours follows those restrictions. We produce authentic replication of US notes for entertainment, training, advertising and social use only. 

3. Is the paper feel real?

US currency is printed on cloth produced by a single mill in the US. It is impossible and illegal to obtain the same cloth for prop money. Instead we use quality paper for an authentic look and feel that comes close but is still only a prop.

4. Why is MOEMONEYSHOP.COM the best for prop bills?


We have in-house graphics department, quality paper, oil-based inks, and customization make Moe Money the best choice.

5. How fast do you ship?

we usually ship the next-day after payment clears. Custom orders require more production time. Other products in our store come from different suppliers and may take additional time. Prop money and "Shenaniguns" ship immediately.


Social events and shooting schedules need to be on time. If you need it the next day contact us for the quickest possible production time and shipping.


 7. How authentic is the look of Moe Money Shop prop money?

We use quality paper, oil based inks, color separations, high resolution gradients and the best graphics possible for an authentic prop in any setting.

8. Do you custom design prop money for productions?

Yes we do. Customization costs a bit more but it's a one time charge and set up fee. We specialize in branding, promoting and creating screen-shootable, direct link prop money.

Contact us with any unanswered or unasked questions and we will respond as soon as possible.