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Welcome to Moe Money Shop digital wallet!

Cryptocurrencies are running the world right now. People make millions a day buying and selling digital coins online. They’re jetting off to Hawaii, buying up Teslas, and living their lives.

So if you’re tired of making it rain online, and want a way to show off your digital wallet in the real world, you’re in the right place.

It’s time to show the world that you could buy that Ferrari, that you could cash out and go to Hawaii for an incredible vacation, but right now… you’re HODLing your coins till they cross the $100k barrier. 

Does it matter that you love Bitcoin or Ethereum? No. Do you even know how they work? Kind of! All that matters is you’ve got some, and now you can display your Bitcoin and Ethereum with pride to the people that visit your home or your office. 

Our limited-edition Bitcoin & Ethereum collection lets you show off in style. Shimmering gold and silver-plated coins with a solid steel core and plated in precious metals and a protective case are yours and ready for display. Order your real-life crypto coins today.

*not actually currency!

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